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ORBilu Training This Friday : Places still available !

Places are still available for the ORBilu training this Friday in Kirchberg from 09h00-10h00.  To register, see our training sessions page.

New: Duplicate checking...

Already available during the import process, ORBilu now incorporates duplicate checking during the data entry process as well.


You want to add a publication where the title, first author and date published match another entry in ORBilu?  ORBilu will provide you with a warning and ask you to verify if it really is a duplicate or not.


See how this functionality works in our training videos.


Scientific Publications by Luxembourg Research Organisations

The Luxembourg Portal for Innovation and Research has just released its redesigned pages promoting the scientific publications of Luxembourg's research organisations.  Now, the latest publications for the University of Luxembourg as well as each Faculty and Interdisciplinary Centre are automatically displayed from ORBilu.


The full announcement and link to the site are available on


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