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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe detection and perveived intensity of noxious thermal stimuli in monkey and human
Kenshalo, Dan R; Anton, Fernand UL; Dubner, Ronald

in Journal of Neurophysiology (1989), 62(2), 429-436

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See detailSpinal lamina I projection neurons in the rat: collateral innervation of parabrachial area and thalamus
Hylden, Janice LK; Anton, Fernand UL; Nahin, Richard L

in Neuroscience (1989), 28(1), 27-37

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See detailSI nociceptive neurons participate in the encoding proces by which monkeys perceive the intnesity of noxious thermal stimulation
Kenshalo, Dan R; Chudler, Eric H; Anton, Fernand UL et al

in Brain Research (1988), 454(1-2), 378-382

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See detailMeasurement of the nalgesic efects of aspirin with a new experimantal algesimetric procedure
Fortser, Clemens; Anton, Fernand UL; Reeh, Peter-Werner et al

in Pain (1988), 32(2), 215-222

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See detailSelective excitation by capsaicin of mechano-heat sensitive nociceptors in rat skin
Szolcsanyi, Janos; Anton, Fernand UL; Reeh, Peter-Werner et al

in Brain Research (1988), 446(2), 262-268

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See detailDischarge patterns of afferent cutaneous nerve fibers from the rat's tail during prolonged noxious mechanical stimulation
Handwerker, Hermann-Otto; Anton, Fernand UL; Reeh, Peter-Werner

in Experimental Brain Research (1987), 65(3), 493-504

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See detailThe effect of carrageenan-induced inflammation on the sensitivity of unmyelinated skin nociceptors in rat
Kocher, Laurence; Anton, Fernand UL; Reeh, Peter-Werner et al

in Pain (1987), 29(3), 363-373

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See detailNociceptor functions in iontact skin and neurogenic or non-neurogenic inflammation
Handwerker, Hermann-Otto; Anton, Fernand UL; Kocher, Laurence et al

in Acta Physiologica Hungarica (1986), 69(3-4), 333-342

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See detailInfluence of acetylsalicylic and salicylic plasma levels on psychophysical measures of long-standing natural pain stimuli
Anton, Fernand UL; Handwerker, Hermann-Otto; Kreh, Albrecht et al

in Fields, Howard; Dubner, Ronald (Eds.) Advances in pain research and therapy 9 (1985)

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See detailAlgesimetry using natural stimuli of long duration
Anton, Fernand UL; Kreh, Albrecht; Reeh, Peter-Werner et al

in Bromm, Burkhart (Ed.) Pain measurement in man. Neurophysiological correlates of pain. (1984)

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See detailVascular reactions correlated with pain due to cold
Kreh, Albrecht; Anton, Fernand UL; Gilly, Hermann et al

in Experimental Neurology (1984), 85(3), 533-546

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See detailInfluence of vascular tone on pain induced by skin cooling
Anton, Fernand UL; Gilly, Hermann; Kreh, Albrecht et al

Poster (1982)

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