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Peer Reviewed
See detailBiphasic role of the HPA axis in inflammation induced pain behavior and spinal cell activation in Lewis and Fischer rats.
Juif, Pierre-Eric; Anton, Fernand UL; Hanesch, Ulrike UL

in Abstract Book 12th World Congress on Pain (2008)

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See detailBeeinflußt die Reagibilität der HPA-Achse Zytokinspiegel und die Schmerzverarbeitung?
Anton, Fernand UL; Hanesch, Ulrike UL; Juif, Pierre-Eric et al

in Der Schmerz (2007), 21(Suppl. 1), 14-15

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See detailLaminectomy enhances the density of nociceptive nerve fibers in the dura mater lumbalis of lewis rats.
Hanesch, Ulrike UL; Anton, Fernand UL; von Knoch, Marius et al

in Europ J Pain (2006), 10(1), 90

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See detailPrdeicing the failure of disc surgery by a hypofunctional HPA axis: evidence from a prospective study of patients undergoing disc surgery
Geiss, Andrea; Rohleder, Nicolas; Kirschbaum, Clemens et al

in Pain (2005)

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See detailNociceptive sensitivity and control: hypo- and hyperalgesia under two different modes of coping
Rothermund, Klaus; Brandtstädter, Jochen; Meiniger, Claus et al

in Experimental Psychology (2002), 49(1), 57

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See detailPsychoneuroimmunological correlates of persiting pain in patients who underwent discectomy
Geiss, Andrea; Varadi, E; Steinbach, Klaus et al

in Neuroscience Letters (1997), 237(2), 65-68

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See detailMorphine, 5-HT 2 and 5-HT 3 recpror antagonists reduce c-Fos expresion in the trigeminal nuclear complex follwing noxious chemical stimulation of the rat nasal mucosa
Ebersberger, Andrea; Anton, Fernand UL; Tölle, Thomas et al

in Brain Research (1995), 676(2), 336-342

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See detailInduction of c-Jun and suppresion of CREB transmission factor proteins in axotomized neurons of substantia nigra and covariation with tyrosine hydroxilase
Brecht, S; Gass, P; Anton, Fernand UL et al

in Molecular and cellular neuroscience (1994), 5(5), 431-441

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See detailNoradrenergic and opioid systems interact to alter the detection of noxious thermal stimuli and facial scratching in monkeys
Thomas, David A; Anton, Fernand UL; Williams, GM et al

in Pain (1993), 55(1), 63-70

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See detailPsychophysical examination of pain induced by defined CO2 pulses applied to the nasal mucosa
Anton, Fernand UL; Euchner, Ingrid; Handwerker, Hermann-Otto

in Pain (1992), 49(1), 53-60

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See detailProtons selectively induce lasting excitation and sensitization to mechanical stumulation of nociceptors in rat skin, in vitro
Steen, Kai h; Reeh, Peter-Werner; Anton, Fernand UL et al

in Journal of Neuroscience (1992), 12(1), 86-95

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See detailc-Fos immunoreactivity in rat brainstem neurons following noxious chemical stimulation of the nasal mucosa
Anton, Fernand UL; Herdegen, Thomas; Peppel, Petra et al

in Neuroscience (1991), 41(2-3), 629-641

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See detailCentral projections of trigeminal primary afferents innervating the nasal mucosa: a horseradish peroxidase study in the rat
Anton, Fernand UL; Peppel, Petra

in Neuroscience (1991), 41(2-3), 617-628

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See detailControlled noxious chemical stimuation: reponses of rat trigeminal brainstem neurons to CO2 pulses applied to the naal mucosa
Anton, Fernand UL; Peppel, Petra; Euchner, Ingrid et al

in Neuroscience Letters (1991), 123(2), 208-211

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See detailPsychophysical asesment of pain induced by CO2 pulses appled to the nasal mucosa
Anton, Fernand UL; Euchner, Ingrid; Handwerker, Hermann-Otto

Poster (1990)

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See detailResponses of nociceptive SI neurons in monkeys and pain sensation in humans elicited by noxious thermal stimulation: effect of interstimulus interval
Chudler, Eric H; Anton, Fernand UL; Dubner, Ronald et al

in Journal of Neurophysiology (1990), 63(3), 559-569

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See detailCharacterization of lamina I projection neurons: physiology and anatomy
Hylden, Janice LK; Nahin, Richard L; Anton, Fernand UL et al

in Cervero, Fernando; Bennett, Gary J; Headley, Max (Eds.) Processing of Sensory Information in the Superficial Dorsal Horn of the Spinal Cord (1989)

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